Tuesday, October 27, 2009

more sewing coming very soon.....

Recently I have been doing more painting than sewing - but I am now feeling the urge to start sewing again, especially since receiving this fabric yesterday! Isn't it beautiful!   It's great having the granny flat to do all my sewing in but it's a bit dark so I've been looking for a really good lamp so I can sew at night too.  We don't have a huge range of choices around here, and after trying unsuccessfully to get help from a local business over the phone, I found a great lighting shop online where the staff were more than happy to help me and I will shortly have an excellent new lamp and be able to see what I'm doing!

So... soon I will be much more productive with my sewing and looking forward to making some special new things in time for Christmas!!  I have already been out to the shed and found some old flyscreen so plan to make some groovy beach bags with that -  like Jacqui made in an earlier post.  So keep your eye on this blog for some new interesting things coming soon.....

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