Friday, December 23, 2011

Wow - so long since I've blogged!!

I just logged in to this blog and realised it's been since May!!!! since I've put anything on here.  Well a good reason for that is this year I finished my post grad teaching degree.  Yes, so next year I can start working at a primary teacher.  Yay!  I can't wait, and the best thing about it is the opportunity to be creative and think up great ideas to inspire my students while making sure they have fun while they learn. 

I recently went to the Jeannie Baker exhibition at Newcastle Library, and while I was there picked up the education kit, with lots of inspiring ideas and activities to use with primary students.  I can't wait to have a fabric collage lesson, especially considering I have such a huge collection of gorgeous fabric scraps.

Next year I'm looking forward to making some one off ladies skirts, more purses and just generally being creative when I'm not working.  These holidays I have already had time to make myself some new clothes and a couple of presents for friends.

Here are a few pictures of things I did manage to make during the year.

Merry Christmas to all my customers too - thanks for supporting my creative addictions!


 I made this dress for Holly for her school Christmas Carols night
 Size 1 dress made with gorgeous Dutch Fabric

 I love this fabric, so made some ladies skirts too, including one for myself.

 Echino is one of my fave fabrics, looking forward to making more skirts next year

 Made this skirt for myself using 'Nature Walk' 100% organic cotton fabric
 Japanese Tensha bead earrings, nearly all sold out now
 These resin and Chiyogami paper earrings proved to be really popular

Fabric earrings


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