Friday, June 25, 2010

More Cats

I have finished a small family of cats - the last of these I'll be doing until near Christmas, have to get back into study now...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More painting

This is the last painting I'll have time for before I start study again.  I felt like doing something bright and colourful, that's how I've felt the past 2 weeks on my uni break.  It has made me appreciate even more how much I love art, craft, sewing and cooking, and being able to go and exercise without the pressure of assignments and other paperwork to worry about.  These canvasses are both approx 73cm square.  

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Max's doona cover - finally!

It's about time, poor Max has had the same doona cover since he was 1!  So I finally made him a new one to go with his new lime green wall, I am pretty happy with the result. 

Another cat softie

this is the little sister of my first cat softie

Friday, June 18, 2010

Cat Softie

I saw a picture of some Cat Softies on Chunky Chooky's blog from a new softies book.  I made up my own pattern to make a cat as I thought they were so cute!  Mine is less 'purrfect' than the ones on the original picture, but I still like it.  I used hand dyed pure wool for the front and face and Amy Butler fabric. as well as some Japanese sewing tape I've had stashed for a while. 

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More Eco purses

Wow, it is fun not studying!  I do love my course, but having a couple of weeks off makes me appreciate everything else more.  I went op-shopping today and got some great kids books, a bookcase and a couple of feather boas for dress ups.  Only just over a week to go of being creative then back to study.  I'd love to get a couple more paintings done, the next one is going to be an oil pastel on a collage background with the pages from Wuthering Heights and some mango leaf paper... should be interesting.

Yum - an Italian Lemon Cake

I can't wait to try this!  It's a Lemon Prosecco Italian Dessert cake from the May Edition of ABC Delicious magazine.  It has 6 eggs, lots of lemon rind and juice and the champagne of course.  I had to finish off the bottle to avoid wastage, lucky it was a small botttle...


I've been dying to do a painting as the last one I did was a few months ago.  This is just a quick one but should add a bit of variety to the shop..don't ask me what it means but I did it mostly with a dry chux, that was the fun part.

A new 'old' desk

Now that I have 2 weeks off I've had time to enjoy myself and some painting.  The first thing I've done it do up this desk for Holly, I got it at a garage sale across the road for $5.00 and I tinted some paint I already had for the purple and the lime green was a sample pot I had from ages ago.  Holly is pretty happy with her new desk, I just have to finish her chair now.



Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ecofest 2010

Ecofest 2010 at the Tondoon Botanical Garden on Sunday was such a great day.  Perfect weather, lots of people and a lot of awesome stalls!  The entertainment was excellent and it was a fun atmosphere - I had a stall with Ali Bird of very glad I went! 

Friday, June 4, 2010

Magnets made with old children's books

ve been dying to make these and finally got around to it just before Ecofest tomorrow.  These magnets are made with old damaged Golden books and other kids' books.  They have a really strong rare earth magnet on the back and they are made with glass tiles 4.5cm in diameter.  They all come with a gift tin lined with some of the page from the same book.  A unique and cute gift!  These are only $8.95 and will soon be in my online shop.


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