Thursday, October 1, 2009


I love it when I see something and it gives me lots of ideas. Well i saw these groovy patterned papers on Tuesday and thought they would go really well with some cute owls so made up these cards. I am also on a run making baby blocks, they are such fun to make, I love choosing which pieces of fabric to use. I have only had positive responses from the babies who own one and their mums all tell me how much they love looking at their bright colours and feeling them. I recently found some Amy Butler button brads which are going to look great on a linen clutch purse lined in Amy Butler fabric.

I went to Calliope Markets last Sunday and the most significant thing was the amount of dust I inhaled and how much dirt blew around over everything. I got to meet some interesting people including a couple of ladies from Belgium who were travelling around Australia and who had been in Asia the past 4 months (lucky things!). I told lots of people about the shop at Boyne Island and my online shop and had a very nice bacon and egg burger. Thanks to Vesna and Jack who came and helped me for the day and made the experience much nicer, when you have some friends to chat to.

I am in the process of doing some shadowboxes and my next one is a vintage style little girl chasing after a bird or butterfly, not sure which yet!? Looking forward to doing that one.

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Jan said...

That's one great thing about being at the markets is meeting lots of interesting people! I go to the Troppo markets in Mackay so if you're ever up my way come and say hello, I'd love to meet you.

I think the little girl chasing a butterfly would look really good and she might have more chance of catching it than the bird:) All the best!


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