Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Little Tag Play Quilt

I recently had a market at Calliope Historical Village, a few weeks ago anyway, and had a request to make a little soft quilt with ribbon tags for a baby to use as a comforter.  So anyway, it's taken me this long to get around to doing some and this is the first finished one.  The cupcake fabric is a soft flannel and cotton polka dots on the other side.  With 12 ribbon tags it makes it something I'm sure a baby would love to hold and feel.  I have 4 more ready to sew and hopefully they'll be in the Pod shop this week.  

These would be great to take shopping and in the car to keep your baby occupied, or to lay baby’s head on when on the floor.  They have a layer of wadding in the middle to make them soft and you could clip them to your pram and baby will be occupied by all the textures of the ribbons and the colourful patterns.  They are approx 28cm x 24cm.

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