Monday, September 14, 2009

Satchel Bags and tea towels!!

Someone suggested I make up some tea towels for the shop - so I have bought 10 which I am now working on. They are looking pretty groovy - they are 'not nanna's tea towels'. I've been looking at hand printed or appliqued tea towels on the net and there are a few around but haven't seen any modern looking ones around where I live. So hopefully these will appeal for a gift idea. I just need to find somewhere to put them! Also making a few new satchel bags up. This photo is not the best as I took it at night without a flash but I had to put it on here, I love the bird design which has hand stitching and machine applique. I love the colour combination. That book I talked about before inspired this design.

1 comment:

Sprout Gallery said...

These are looking amazing Carolyne! Love the bird bag the most.


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