Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pod Collective challenge

I'll put the full story on the Pod Collective blog which is but wanted to put these 2 on here. We recently had a challenge where we had to give someone else in the group something, anything, and then they had to make something postcard size out of it. So Ali gave me 2 bread tags, blue and orange. I spent about 2 weeks thinking of what to do and thinking I couldn't think of anything, maybe cut them in half and fan some strips of Japanese paper to make a peacock's tail... well anyway, this is what I did. The text is from an old textbook of Hamlet and thanks to Suzie and Michelle for saving extra tags for me.
What??? am I going to do with these?
I'll do this. Can do! (that's what the alphabet brads say)

Then, I gave Ali some of the fabric from Sulawesi, the one I made a purse from this afternoon (see previous blog) and this is what she made. Looks great in my kitchen, matches the colours. Check out the pod blog for the other ones (in a few days when i get around to putting it on there).

A scrap of fabric from Indonesia.....
turns into this awesome design - reminds me a bit of something Moroccan actually or some sort of journey..

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