Thursday, August 7, 2008

More purses and a tote bag

I made this tote bag and purses today. I love the fabric in the tote bag and have been looking at it for weeks. I finally bought it in this colour and also in brown and pink and I'm going to make some purses with it too. I made Holly a bag today, it's the pyramid purse with a long strap so she can wear it over her shoulder and I put her name in alphabet beads on the zip. I hope it lasts a while before she fills it with cooked pasta or powdered gelatin or something else wonderful like that.


Sprout Gallery said...

O.K, where the heck do you find the time let along THEN put them up on the web.

Love the top bag the most.

Clever girl.


Ruby Lime design said...

Hi, I stay up late! .... and then download all the pictures in one go, that bit doesn't actually take that long.


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