Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy New Year

Well things have been pretty quiet on the creative side here in the school holidays, but I've been able to clean out my office and workroom and get ready for the coming year.  I will be going completely online once I get more stock online and out of the Pod Collective shop.  It's been a fun time being in the Pod Collective shop but I'm going to focus on working from home and concentrating on finishing my study.

I have recently opened a shop on so with this and my made it shop I will be busy enough looking after both of these.  Although I will be busy with uni and study this year, I am hoping to still have time to make a few things to put on my site.  I will concentrate on using some of the gorgeous fabrics I have in stock, making some more little girls' dresses and some more shorts for boys too, as I have lots of great fabrics for boys.  I am looking forward to creating some interesting and unique pieces by upcycling for my Ethikl store and using some of my clothes I no longer wear to do this. 

I can't say how fortunate I feel that I am in one of the few areas not devastated by floods.  I can't imagine how the people in those areas must be feeling or going through.  Watching it makes me feel sick so how must it be to be living it.  I am hoping to get involved by donating some of my stock to raise funds for the affected people.  

 Fair Trade Bags in my Ethikl Store made by villagers in North Western India

 Glass tile pendants - only $12.95

Some of my newest fabric purchases!

As I haven't been making much lately I've put on a few pics of things I've recently put in my online shops and some fabric I'll be using soon. 

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