Sunday, November 7, 2010

Rice Paper Rolls

After watching a seafood cooking demo by Sally Jenyns yesterday I am wanting seafood even more!!!  So today I bought some tiger prawns and made these rice paper rolls.  Usually they have cooked vermicilli rice noodles in them but I left these out.  So this is how I made them today... 

 In this bowl is finely sliced red onion, sliced baby cucumbers, red capsicum, garlic chives, coriander and basil leaves and some torn oakleaf lettuce leaves.

1/2 kilo cooked tiger prawns

Peel the prawns and have some soft lettuce leaves torn in half ready to go

Also you will need these

Pour just boiled water into a dish big enough to fit the rice paper sheets.  Using tongs, immerse the sheet in water for a few seconds until soft, but not falling apart.  Remove carefully and put on a chopping board.

place a couple of big lettuce leaves on the rice paper, a small handful of salad mix and 2-3 prawns

fold the sides in first then carefully roll up the rice paper to make a package, make sure the ends are tucked in so it doesn't all fall out.

Put on a plate and pour some dipping sauce into a small bowl.  Enjoy

and.. put some in a lunchbox for hubby to take to work.

Yum, I love these and much healthier and tastier than the deep fried spring rolls!! 

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