Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mickey Mouse Tote Bag

This is my latest 'Storybook' bag.  Using 4 pages from an old Mickey Mouse Golden Book, the outside is protected with plastic and the inside is lined with blue and white polka dots.  The straps are long enough so you can put it over your shoulder and it sits at waist height, and the straps and behind the pages feature Japanese honeycomb cotton fabric.  The bag has a magnetic catch for a closure.  This is the first of my new larger Storybook bags - I am liking the black outer - use for a tote for yourself or a nappy bag, all will be one off designs so you can be sure no one will have one the same. 


MummaBear said...

that is so cool! Is this one for sale?

Carolyne Thornton said...

Hi, that one was a custom order. I can do custom orders, but after Christmas. If you are interested you can email me


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