Monday, August 24, 2009

A few new things.....

Inspired by a regular visitor to my shop I have been making a few 'cat' things..... and an owl and a bird thing too on some old book pages, and of course more Chiyogami butterflies. Also some new glass tile pendants ... it's been a productive week - a break from the sewing machine and doing something different.

P.S. Don't buy a scrapbooking frame in raw timber planning to paint it then realise the glass doesn't come out, spend ages removing it and painting it, putting the beading back in the wrong way, using clamps to glue it in and wrecking your paint job on the frame, resanding and painting edges of frame and then paint it again... OK?


Anonymous said...

love your "PS" made me laugh as that is the kind of thing I'd do!!!

Anonymous said...

Awwww. I sympathise with you! I bought a box frame from Riot expecting the glass to just pop out so I could use it as a display box for my accessories, but it didn't. oh, the disappointment!

By the way, I love those floral cat silhouettes. Beautiful.

PS. Thanks very much for following my blog, sweetness. I would LOVE to see this bag created from books. :)


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