Thursday, July 23, 2009

Collages & Shadowboxes

I've made some more collages this week. Thanks to everyone who has been coming into the shop and buying my collages, I keep running out! But I love making them, gives me a good reason to go to Bindaree (local op shop) and find all those old book treasures. My favourite find this week is 'The Poetry of William Wordsworth', 1965 edition with suitably yellowed pages and a musty smell, just right to be turned into a collage - and all for the bargain price of 50c.
I also made 2 of these shadow boxes with some red and black Japanese Yuzen paper butterflies, they look very oriental and I am hoping someone will want to take them home, as I want to make more of them.....

My online shop is coming along well, hopefully it will be ready to go in a couple of weeks, it's a lot of work setting it up, even with a web designer doing most of it!
I'm also excited as I am having some very groovy badges made to put on my felt purses and to sell in sets of 3. They are being made in Newcastle by Anorak Designs - if you ever go to Newcastle you have to check out the shop 'Blackbird Corner' in Darby St - an awesome shop with heaps of interesting stuff.

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