Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Photos of some pendants I have in stock at the moment.
All the pendants with sterling silver chains or on their own come in a gift tin. Pendants on leather come in a natural muslin bag.
Registered post for pendants in tin is $5.95
without the tin is $4.95
I am now able to offer some beautiful sterling silver chains at excellent prices. If you buy a pendant and chain together you get an even better price.
Silver chain prices are:
Omega 1.5mm 43cm chain (this chain is firm and holds its shape) $27.95
Snake chain 1.2mm, 43cm $24.95
Italian box chain 41 or 46cm 1.2mm $16.95
I also have black rubber 40cm long and 2mm thick cord with sterling silver clasps for $14.95

handmade small orange glass tile pendant on 43cm sterling silver snake chain $40.90
3 x 3cm Sterling Silver Rose on 41cm Italian box chain $47.95
this pendant is sold but orders can be taken

numbered 1-6 clockwise from top left
Handmade Large square glass tile pendants $22.95 each
or $44.95 with 43cm snake chain
$36.95 with 41cm or 46cm Italian box chain

Handmade Glass tile pendants in matching gift tin $22.95 each

Chinese Pottery Shard pendant on Sterling Silver Omega chain (1.5mm, holds its shape)
this pendant can be bought without the chain
$20 pendant only
if purchased with Omega chain $47.95

Chinese Pottery Shard pendants numbered left to right - top row 1, 2, 3 (sold)
botton row 4, 5, 6
$20 each in tin

Chinese Pottery Shard Pendants numbered left to right
top row 7, 8, 9 (sold)
botton row, 10, 11, 12
$20 each

Chinese Pottery Shard Pendants numbered left to right,
top row 13, 14, 15
botton row- 16 (sold), 17, (18 sold)
$20 each in tin

Chinese Pottery Shard pendants on brown leather and silver plated clasp cords
numbered left to right , 19, (20 sold), (21 sold)

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